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Disney Plus Deals And Free Disney Plus Offers For July 2022


Entertainment gems like Encanto, Frozen, Star Wars, and Marvel are abundant on Disney Plus. We’re looking at the finest Disney Plus promotions to help you get a free subscription or a discount so you can watch for less.

Additionally, Our comprehensive guide to Disney Plus’s main features is the ideal tool for assisting you in obtaining a premium streaming subscription without going over budget.

Also, since its 2019 US debut and March 2020 arrival in the UK. login/begin has drawn a sizable audience and provided some incredible entertainment. You may now sign up in fantastic ways and stream entertainment for less.

The portal offers a wide variety of videos to stream, including classics like How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead, and The Mandalorian. The top Disney Plus shows have a wide range of subjects and genres and are very diverse.

Sign up for Disney Plus for £7.99 a month or £79.90 a year

Disney themselves used to give a free Disney+ trial to new users in the UK. But that program tragically terminated after a few months in mid-2020.

But don’t worry, there are still some fantastic bundles and deals available.

There are ways to get a new smartphone or SIM for free for six months. And, there are ways to get a free Disney+ subscription on your current Samsung smartphone. For information on how to buy a Disney Plus subscription for your streaming device or smart TV, as well as the most recent promotions, continue reading.

Best Disney Plus provides, discounts and deals for July 2022 in the UK

Save 15% with a Disney Plus annual pass

What’s the deal? Subscribers can save a lot of money by just purchasing the Disney Plus annual pass. If you pay the usual monthly fee of £7.99, your annual subscription will cost you £95.88. But you can get it for £79.90 instead. That represents a 15% savings.

Why we picked it: If you are certain that you will keep your subscription for at least a year, this is unquestionably the best choice for you!

Annual Disney Plus pass: £95.88 $79.99 (15 percent or savings of £15.98)

Get six months of Disney Plus for free with a Samsung Galaxy phone

Disneyplus Begin code

What’s the deal? Samsung is providing all qualified handsets with a complimentary start subscription.

You can get a six-month Disney+ subscription if you own a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy S22, or Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Who doesn’t enjoy a free subscription? That’s why we chose it. Particularly if it is included with a gadget you already own. Customers of Samsung have until June 2023 to take advantage of this promotion.

Six months free Disney Plus with an O2 SIM tv

What’s the deal? As part of your new package, you can get up to six months of Disney+ for free if you’re upgrading your O2 SIM or transferring to O2 from another network.

You can pick extra ‘Plus’ advantages from O2 based on the plan you select and how much it costs each month. One of those is a Disney+ subscription, which is now accessible.

For instance, you can get one month of for free. If you sign up for a 12-month plan and pay £12 per month for 2GB of data. Also, you can get three months of Disney+ with your new SIM card if you choose a larger 10GB plan that costs £15 per month for a year. Additionally, there is the 120GB for £20 per month plan, which includes six months of Disney+ free. This one lasts for 24 months.

Why we choose it: This is a simple method to score some free Disney+. If you’re shopping for a phone or renewing your O2 subscription.

Every month Save £2 on Disney Plus with O2 Priority

What’s the deal? We’ve already discussed one O2 tv promotion, but this one benefits O2 customers already. You can get Disney+ for £2 cheaper if you add it to your plan.

Why we chose it: If you already have an O2 subscription, this is a fantastic way to save money on a Disney+ membership. Although saving £2 might not seem like a lot, considering how inexpensive the subscription was, to begin with, it is still a savings worth making.

Moreover, To take advantage of the promotion, join Disney+. You can also just add it as an “Extra” to your plan if you already use Disney+. For a period of six months, you can get £2 off each month.

For current O2 subscribers, Disney Plus costs £7.99 per month. £5.99 a month (savings of £2 or 25%)

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