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10 Disney+ Tips and Tricks for a Better Streaming Experience

We came up with the most useful functions of Disney Plus that you have to begin using today in case you require to get the most from the streaming service.

Disney+ may still be a young streaming service when compared to behemoths like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but it’s already one of the best. Not only does it include a tonne of intriguing movies and series, but it also has a tonne of useful features that make streaming more enjoyable.

We’ve compiled the greatest hints and hacks to get the most of the service, including how to stream in IMAX Enhanced definition, create a virtual watch party with pals, or download content for offline watching.

  1. Host a Watch Party with GroupWatch

Getting everyone in the same room to watch something is a challenge. That is why you ought to use the GroupWatch feature incorporated into code to arrange a watch party. The major prerequisite for this is that each participant must be a Disney Plus subscriber.

A GroupWatch allows you to view anything on Disney+ together at once with up to seven other people. The feed is paused for everyone if it is paused by one person. Emoji replies are an additional option.

To begin a GroupWatch, navigate to the content you wish to watch and click the GroupWatch button (it looks like three figures). Once the popcorn is ready, you press Start Stream after receiving a link to share with your friends.

  1. Disable Autoplay
Disneyplus Begin code

Autoplay is one of the most aggravating features of any streaming service. Your movie or TV show ends at this point, and another program immediately begins. Thankfully, Disney+ allows you to turn off autoplay.

Toggle Autoplay off by going to your profile, choosing Edit Profiles, and then selecting your profile. You can also turn off the background video here, which is how Disney+ trailers start playing automatically while you browse the service.

  1. Build a Watchlist

Due to the constant addition of new content on Disneyplus.comlogin/begin, keeping track of everything you want to watch might be difficult. To get around this, use the watchlist functionality, which is a list of anything you’ve indicated an interest in.

Click the Plus sign on the overview page for the movie or TV show you wish to add to your watchlist. To view your saved items, select Watchlist from the main menu.

  1. Watch Deleted Scenes, Bloopers, and Other Bonus Content begin

Do you dream of the bonus materials that used to be included on DVD and Blu-ray releases? With Disney+. You won’t have to sacrifice access to bonus content such as behind-the-scenes videos, bloopers, and deleted sequences. You may find it under the Extras tab on the overview page for a TV show or movie.

  1. Discover Content through Curated Collections

Disneyplus has a number of collections that you can use if you’re having trouble deciding what to watch. These are compilations of movies or television shows that focus on a particular theme, occasion, or issue, like “Female Leads,” “Halloween,” and “The Muppets.”

Choose Search, then All Collections to locate them. You’ll undoubtedly find something worthwhile from here.

  1. Download for offline Playback tv

It’s not always easy to keep an internet connection when streaming if you’re on the go or reside in a place with intermittent service. To get around this, you can download Disney+ content for offline viewing on a phone or tablet.

Navigate to a movie’s overview page and select Download. Scroll down to the Episodes for a TV show. To download the entire season, tap the download icon next to Season. For downloadin an episode, tap the download icon next to it.

To view your downloads, next choose the persistent download icon from the bottom menu. You can change the download quality and storage location in the app’s options.

  1. Customize Subtitle Appearance
Disneyplus enter code

Disney+ subtitles are highly useful, especially for accessibility reasons. You can alter their appearance to make them more understandable for you.

You may accomplish this on a device like a PC by pausing your video, choosing the subtitles symbol, and then choosing the cog icon. Font, color, opacity, size, and other options are all editable. Instead of going to start on other platforms including Android, iOS, and gaming consoles, go to the accessibility area of the device.

  1. Watch in IMAX Enhanced format

Some Disney+ content is available in IMAX Enhanced format. Due to the enhanced 1.90:1 resolution, the original image can be seen up to 26% more clearly. Only a few Disney+ movies are compatible with this function. No matter what device you choose to see them, they should always use IMAX Enhanced by default. But using the Versions tab, you can change between versions whenever you want.

  1. Share Your Membership
Disneyplusbegin code

Seven different profiles can be created on a single Disney+ account. Every profile comes with its own watchlist, preferences, and suggestions. This is excellent if you live with family or friends who wish to watch Disney+.

Visit your profile and choose Add profile to create a new profile on login. Select Save after selecting an avatar and entering a name. Now, each user can select their profile once Disney+ is launched.

A Disney+ kid’s profile can also be created, including curated features and content in addition to a streamlined user interface.

  1.  Switch to Annual and Save Money

Disney+ is likely a monthly fee for you. That costs $7.99 in the US. But if you intend to stick with it, upgrade to the Disney+ annual plan. This upfront payment of $79.99 saves close to 20% when compared to paying over a 12-month period.

Use the website or mobile app to change. Click Account > Disney+ (monthly) > Switch to yearly in your profile. To finish the transaction, confirm your payment information.

Another option to take into account is The Disney Bundle, which comes with Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. Hulu costs $19.99/month without commercials and $13.99/month with advertisements.

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