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How to watch Disney Plus on Linux

5da8790acc4a0a4bdd1d00a3_width=700 or Disney+ is an on-demand entertainment streaming service that includes content produced by Disney Studios, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic. This service was started on November 12, 2019. But the saddest news for all Linux users is that the Linux system is not officially supported due to the DRM problem. But, there is a solution that will permit you to watch your favorite content on your Linux machine. Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

How to Watch Disney Plus on Ubuntu

Enable Digital Rights Management (DRM) in Firefox

To watch Disneyplus begin code service on Ubuntu, we want to enable Digitla Rights Management, to block any unauthorized access to its great content.

Step 1. Now open your Firefox browser. Followingly, when it opens successfully, click on the Firefox menu (three stacked lines) in the top right corner.

Disneyplus Begin code

Step 2. Choose the preferences menu.

Step 3. Nextly, from the left panel, choose the General tab. login/begin

Step 4. On the General option, scroll down until you reach the Digital Rights Management (DRM) Content option, after that, check the box to enable this option in Firefox.

Disneyplus Begin code

Get Google Chrome User-Agent

After enabling Digital Rights Management for Firefox. Now we need to create Firefox to look like Google Chrome on Windows, and that’s the reason neither Linux nor Firefox supports As a result, we are going to imitate Google Chrome’s user agent string and put it in Firefox.

Method 1: Google Chrome on Windows

If you have Windows and Google Chrome installed, you can follow the steps below: alternatively, skip this way and look for another method.

Step 1. From your Windows machine, open Google Chrome. Then open Chrome Settings (three dots) at the top right of the Chrome window.

Step 2. Choose more tools, then open Developer tools.

Step 3. When Developer tools open successfully, choose the console tab.

Step 4. Next to the arrow, type the following command to get your user agent.

We will be using the above string in a Firefox app on Ubuntu.

Method 2: Google Chrome user Agent Database

Disneyplus Begin code

In case you have windows installed along with Google Chrome, you can use this way to get the recent Google Chrome user agent.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome user Agent Database from this link.

Step 2. Find to Get Chrome in Windows user Agent. Then copy this string as we will be using it in the steps given below:

Create Custom Settings in Firefox

Disneyplus.combegin code

You now have a Google Chrome user agent. All we need to do is insert it in Firefox.

Step 1. On your Ubuntu machine, open the Firefox app.

Step 2. Now in the address bar, type the following command to open Firefox Settings.

Step 3. You may see an alert like the following. Click OK to continue.

Step 4. Nextly, click on the show all button to preview all the setting options.

Step 5. Afterward, check the following option “General.UserAgent.override” to find out if there was an option to override the user agent. In case, you don’t find this option, create a new option with the name.

Step 6. Then, paste the google chrome user agent and save it.

Step 7. After adding a new option it will look like the below.

Step 8. It also comes in the Firefox settings table as shown below.

Step 9. After that, open Disney Plus from Firefox.

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